Spirit water Rower CRW900
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Spirit Fitness
Water Rower CRW900


Product Description

The Spirit Fitness CRW900 Water Rower from is a full commercial-grade indoor rowing machine which uses adjustable water resistance to offer a low impact, total body workout. The Spirit Fitness CRW900 with fluid resistance challenges all fitness levels since you can select one of ten dial settings to modify the measured level of water resistance from very light all the way up to Olympic rowing sprints.

Strokes on the Spirit Fitness CRW900 rowing ergometer feel like rowing on a smooth, glass-like lake surface since the multi-bladed tank impeller acts like an outdoor row paddle – the instant the exerciser pulls on the handle, the blades of the impeller catch the water without lag and provide constant and uniform resistance throughout the entire stroke. During the handle retraction, the blade stops spinning, just as if a row paddle was lifted out of the water in preparation for the next stroke.


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Unlike other water rowers and air rowers, with the CRW900 rowing erg there is no feeling of a "force curve" or a drop off in resistance at the tail end of the stroke. This helps the rower develop a smooth, ultra-realistic paddling cadence for a more true rowing boat experience, just as if he or she was on the open water.

The extra large, twin tank design transfers water to and from a passive tank to an active tank, which generates 50% stronger resistance than other water rower manufacturers, allowing you to row harder, increase heart rate quicker, and build strength and power faster. This makes the CRW900 Water Rower stand out as an optimal machine selection for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) since adjustable resistance can be increased (similar to air rowers) for vigorous output during timed high performance training intervals. With its heavy duty construction, unique design engineering, and full commercial warranty the CRW900 is perfect for any commercial gym, sports performance training center, crossfit box, medical rehabilitation facility, or home fitness studio.

  • A heavy-duty wooden frame with aluminum slide rails that was built to withstand the wear and tear of a commercial environment and that stands upright for easy storage.
  • XL twin tank design with durable multi-bladed impeller for greatly improved resistance range.
  • 5.5" LCD console displays all workout data and is easily adjustable to different angles and heights for perfect viewing.
  • 10 levels of water resistance with easy-adjust knob to challenge all fitness levels.
  • Padded footrests for ultimate comfort and easy adjustable straps for a secure fit.
  • Commercial grade padded handlebar for comfort and durability.
  • Ergonomically molded seat
  • Track and record your workouts with the free Spirit Fit App.
Restistance Water (10 levels), easy-adjust knob
Power No power required (other than console batteries)
Handlebar Contoured and padded
Seat Ergonomically molded seat
Footrests Padded, with adjustable straps
Frame Heavy-duty wooden frame with durable aluminum slide rails
Storage Stands upright for storage
Heart Rate Receiver 5KHz supports most telemetric heart rate chest straps (heart rate strap not included)
Chest strap
Screen 14 cm LCD console, easy-to-read and use
Console feedback Time, distance, calories, pulse, strokes per minute (spm), total strokes, watt, 500 time / avg time 500, level
Programs Manual, target time, target distance, target stroke, target calories, target HR
Workout Summary Total time, total distance, total watts
Function Keys Up, Down, Enter, Reset
Product (L x W x H) 213.3 x 53.3 x 56 cm
Carton 1 (L x W x H)
Carton 2 (L x W x H)
101.6 x 56 x 58.4 cm
223.5 x 20.3 x 10.2 cm
Net/Gross weight 41 kg / 49 kg
Monorail length 115.6 cm , 86.4 (seat travel)
Max. user weight 150 kg
Frame / Motor lifetime
Running deck 5 years
Parts 2 years
(Excludes batteries)
2 months
Wear Parts 6 months

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