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Walkdesk™ WTD600

The Walkdesk™ WTD600, a combination of the Walkdesk™ WTB500 and WDESK100 desk, is the solution for working and moving simultaneously, ideal during telephone conferences or reading work. But working on a laptop is also easy to do while quietly walking on the Walkdesk™ WTD600. All you need to get started is an empty space and a power point.

Many scientific studies have shown that sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not healthy. More movement is the message!

This device is the solution to incorporate more exercise into your daily life. The 3hp motor is designed to operate at a slow walking speed, without overheating. This allows you to walk for as long as you want. The large walking surface means you can walk at a comfortable pace and the desktop is spacious enough for your laptop, monitor and documents. The height of the work table can be easily adjusted from 110 to 132 cm.

  • Features
    • Walking improves mood and reduces stress
    • Walking promotes a healthy body weight
    • The first Walkdesk™ designed for use in the office, not the gym
    • Comfortable walking surface of 51 x 123 cm
    • Specially developed 3.0 hp motor which cannot overheat, even at low walking speed
    • Easy change from slow to medium or fast with the 3 quick keys
    • Built with high-quality components
    • Quieter, smaller, more powerful
    • Modern and functional LCD control display can be mounted anywhere on the desktop
    • Perfectly balanced drive with efficient power consumption
    • Shortened and lowered 25 mm thick bakelite deck
    • The desk table WDESK100 is also available separately
    • No maintenance required
  • Product
    Frame Solid steel with a durable powder coating
    Motor 3200 RPM DC 3.0 hp engine
    0.8-4 km/h
    Running surface 51 x 123 cm
    Deck 2.5 cm thick bakelite, shortened and reduced
    Deck height 12.5 cm
    Rails Aluminum
    Quick keys 3; Slow, medium, fast
    Emergency stop placed on console
    LCD control screen, can be attached around the tablet
    Programs 1 manual and 5 preset programs
    Product (L x W x H) 171.4 x 120 x 110/132 cm
    Table (L x W x H) 120 x 80 x H 110 tot 132 cm
    Net/gross weight 108 kg / 125 kg
    Max. user weight 180 kg
    Frame lifetime
    Motor 5 years
    Running deck 5 years
    Parts 2 years
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