When it comes to cardio, a good piece of equipment is indispensable. And one of the newer machines to hit the floor is actually the air bike. And if you’ve heard rumblings that it ain’t easy, it’s true. These bikes will blast major calories, the harder you work, the harder it gets. Plus, on an air bike, you also use your arms at the same time, which allows you to work both your upper and lower body together. It becomes a total-body exercise, which you’re not able to get on a regular bike. he says. But now that HIIT is hotter than ever, there’s a desire for equipment that takes your workout up a notch.

If biking is currently something you are unable to do due to injury, the Renegade air bike is a great way to modify that movement in your workout. If you have a rolled ankle or a quad or hip flexor strain, the Renegade air bike provides a good option for exercising safely. It could potentially be a great tool for rehabilitation as it provides safe movement with no impact.

Air rowers are popular at commercial gyms and for home use. They aren’t the most expensive rowing machines, but they’re preferred by many competitive athletes. Air rowing machines are top sellers in commercial and residential markets. These fitness machines create an on-the-water feel, but they cost less and are easier to maintain than water rowing machines. Air rowers have sliding seats to support full-body aerobic workouts. Their resistance systems are fan-like flywheels. When the rower handlebar is pulled, it makes the fan blades spin and resist the surrounding air. If the fan flywheel is uncovered, there’s a bonus: a breeze to keep the rider cool.

Resistance on air rowers adjusts naturally to fit every trainee. It is tied to user effort; the more powerfully a person rows, the more air is displaced. Some air rowers also have dampers for adjusting the airflow.