Easy adjustablilty


Adjustability of the seats is intuitive. The exercise bikes allow fore/aft positions by pulling up on the yellow spring loaded handle located directly in front of the seat. The exercise bikes also feature 12 segments of vertical ratcheting with pop pin engaged seat post and micro fore/aft adjustments.


The Poly-V Belt drive train is efficient with higher ratio in transmission output. It also contributes to the compactness for ease of use and transporting. The drive train connects to a heavy duty 13.5 kg flywheel, which results in more revolutions per minute and watt output.

Maximized drive train

Bike Pedal Angle

The 2° Difference

A key comfort issue for any semi-recumbent fitness bike is the distance between the pedals. We have adjusted the footpad on our pedals to have an integrated two degree inward tilt to make the ride more comfortable. Two degrees may not sound like much, but this is a small but critical detail of what separates Spirit Fitness bikes from our competitors.


The YMCA Protocol is a cardiovascular endurance test on cycles. Since cycles bear far less weight on the joints, this protocol is selected to test users with weight or orthopedic concerns. The program will gradually increase resistance until the time expires or when you reach 85% of projected heart rate maximum. By knowing where your cardiovascular health stands, you can monitor over your fitness goals better.

cardiovascular endurance program