The number one reason people stop exercising is from boredom, and we know that if you are a little more comfortable, you will exercise longer and achieve your fitness goals faster. MP3 player-compatible jacks in our consoles are motivators for workouts. Ease-of-use is boosted through control buttons, located within reach on the handrails so your workout won’t be interrupted.

Spirit bikes, elliptical trainers, and E•Glide were the first on the market to integrate two-degree inward tilt to make your workout more ergonomically correct. Spirit’s novelty extended to its user experiences, by being one of the first brands to include cooling fans in fitness products. Precision, strength, user friendliness, and innovation aren’t qualities restricted in light commercial equipments. Premium gym-inspired features are integrated in our residential products as well.


The New SPIRITFIT APP is designed to monitor and record your workout data through an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module that is compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices. Simply download the SPIRITFIT APP, set up the account, pair with your SPIRIT FITNESS equipment, then you’re ready to track your workout schedule, design your workout plan, and set your workout program.

The SPIRITFIT APP also communicates with Fitbit, iHealth, RECORD, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and other open source training apps so you can continue using the fitness apps that you are familiar with and keep all your workout history in one safe place.

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