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Endurance Fan Bike FB300

The Endurance by Body-Solid FB300 Fan Bike is a low-impact upright stationary bike which employs both the lower body and upper body working together to raise heart rate, burn calories and body fat, and test endurance.

The Endurance FB300 Dual Action Fan Bike is designed to be suitable for a variety of fitness levels from the novice to expert rider and is perfect for both rehabilitation and high-intensity workouts. The FB300 offers a comfortable fit for various size users as the seat post is completely adjustable forward, back and vertical. This allows virtually any sized user to safely adjust the machine to their ideal position.

The FB300 features convenient transport wheels allowing you to move the machine anywhere in a facility easily. The Endurance FB300 is one robust bike that will endure for many years and is backed by a light commercial warranty for consumer confidence.

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    Upper body handles are directly linked in movement with pedals. The rotation of the pedals along with the pumping of the handles moves the fan blade. The harder the exerciser rides, the more air is drawn through the fan generating higher wind resistance. In this way the user controls the work flow and intensity of exercise.

    Alternatively, the exerciser can place his or her feet on the foot pegs and then only use the upper body to generate fan momentum. Since the legs are a larger and stronger chain of muscles, once removed from the force equation the upper body will quickly become taxed and the workout takes on a strength training element for the muscles of the back, shoulders, chest, and arms. And, if the rider so chooses, the workout can be performed using the pedals alone with upper body disengaged and the handles moving freely back and forth without being held. Since the drive system utilizes a giant fan, the rider will be cooled during exercise by a continuous stream of air flowing upwards out of the fan cage.

    Fan bikes can be utilized for different training purposes. With moderate exertion and speed the rider can sustain a longer cardiovascular workout within a suggested heartrate training zone benefiting cardiopulmonary health and promoting efficient burning of calories.

    The fan bike is also an optimal cardio training device for High Intensity Interval Training. During HIIT workouts the rider will engage in intense, short-burst timed intervals with maximum exertion to push the body to the limit into an anaerobic zone to blast body fat and preserve more muscle. The Endurance FB300 Fan Bike features 10/20, 20/10 and Custom Interval programming for Tabata training.

    • Suitable for all fitness levels
    • Sturdy frame, able to support users up to 130 kg
    • Adjustable levelers on both bases
    • Transport wheels on the front base
    • Mobile handlebars for arms workouts
    • Ergonomic, contoured seat, 4-way adjustable
    • Air resistance system, great for interval workouts
    • Three interval programs – 10/20, 20/10, custom
    • Four target settings for time, distance, calories, and heart rate
    • Steel-resistance fan of 68.5 cm, largest in class 
    • Best in class sealed bearings
    • Little maintenance required
    • Easy to assemble
  • Product
    Frame Heavy-duty steel tubing, coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish
    Pedals Solid pedals with standard threads
    Seat 4-way adjustability (up, down, forward and backward)
    Handlebar Mobile
    Drive train Dual chain
    Resistance User-controlled air resistance
    Fan Steel, 68.5 cm diameter
    Chest strap
    Power supply Self-generating. The console uses 2 AA batteries which are included.
    Transport wheels
    Bottle holder
    Console display LCD display (without backlight)
    Display feedback Time, total time, distance, calories, pulse, watts, speed, and RPMs
    Programs 3 interval programs, 4 target programs. Each program has its own button on the console for quick selection.
    Product (L x W x H) 125.7 x 61 x 1127.5 cm
    Carton (L x W x H) 131 x 88.5 x 28 cm
    Net/Gross weight 44 kg / 50 kg
    Max. user weight 130 kg
    Frame Lifetime
    Parts 2 years

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