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PowerBlock® Pro Adjustable Kettlebell PBHKB

PowerBlock adjustable weight kettlebells are purposefully designed for easy and comfortable handling during exercises like squats and swings. You’ll be able to easily scale up to 28 kg (62 pounds) or down to 16 kg (18 pounds) in weight to challenge yourself with different workouts. Quickly adjust the weight set up or down for your exercise with the secure magnetic steel selection pin. Increments include 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg and 28 kg. The remaining weight, if any, will be excluded and slide out of the shell.

PowerBlock adjustable kettlebells not only help athletes and gym owners save on the costs of buying full sets of kettlebellss, they also save loads of storage space, and allow multiple athletes of skill levels to train with the same implement, quickly adjusting the weight load to match their goals.

These kettlebell weights are engineered for a higher quality build that will last for years. The all-steel construction will replace four kettlebells in the space of one.

  • Features
    • Increments of 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg and 28 kg
    • Cast iron
    • Steel selection pin with magnetic lock
    • Sold Individually
    • Handle diameter: 33 mm
    • Product: L 20.3 x W 14 x H 28.57 cm
    • Weight: 28 kg
    • Ships in 1 box

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