PowerBlock® Pro Expansion Set 5-90 (Stage 3) PBPROEXP3

PowerBlocks are the easiest adjustable dumbbells to expand, so as your strength increases, so can they. With this set, you can increase the weight of your PowerBlock® Pro EXP set 5-70 to 5-90 (40.8 kg).

The expandable Pro model starts at 22.7 kg (5-50) and then gives you the option to expand with two 9 kg (20 pound) kits. The 'Stage 2 Kit' takes a set from 22.7 kg (50 pounds) to 31.7 kg (70 pound), while a 'Stage 3 Kit' can increase a set from 31.7 kg (70 pounds) to 40.8 kg (90 pound).

Note: this is an expansion. This set can only be used together with PowerBlock® Pro EXP set 5-50 (stage 1) and Pro EXP 50-70 (stage 2).

  • Features
    • Adds 6 additional increments to the Pro 5-70 set
    • 5-90 set will now replace 28 pairs of dumbbells
    • Extra weight steps: 34 | 35.1 | 36.3 | 38.5 | 39.7 and 40.8 kg per hand
    • Number of boxes: 1
    • Sold per pair
    • Weight: 18 kg
    • Home use only

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