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Spirit Fitness Plate Loaded Seated Row SP-4502

Spirit Strength features rugged performance strength training equipment that will move athletes toward their goals. The Plate Loaded line SP-45 combines all the functional elements of strength equipment, yet with a focus on ease of use and thoughtful design details that appeal to many athletes. The result is a unique experience for both beginning and experienced athletes.

The Spirit SP-4502 Seated Row targets the muscles in your upper back as well as the latissimus dorsi or wide back muscle. This exercise helps improve your posture and protect your shoulders.

Push and pull movements become more effective and comfortable due to the new handle that distributes the load more evenly. The double handles offer variation in exercises and activate different muscle groups. A stationary lever in the middle provides maximum stability and comfort during unilateral exercises.

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    The large footrest stabilizes the lower body during heavy lifts, while the angled seat and chest cushion help maintain proper posture during exercise. The weight horns have enough storage capacity for weight plates. Our uniquely designed Seated Row Machine is suitable for all body lengths.

    With 15 products, the Spirit Fitness Plate Loaded series offers a wide range of quality equipment, featuring premium touch points, seat lifting and locking mechanisms, and durable footplates and supports. Whenever possible, weight horns are integrated to keep extra weights within easy reach. This also helps to reduce the mess in a busy gym.

    The Plate-Loaded line meets all the demands of busy gyms by using durable, welded frames with 4 mm steel to withstand pressure. This line is not only the reference standard, but significantly sets new standards in the commercial fitness industry.

    With its aesthetic design, the Spirit Plate Loaded SP-4502 is without a doubt an added value to any gym. This machine is comfortable and safe to use and is part of a complete series designed for today's strength training.

    • Horizontal and vertical handles
    • Stationary handle in the middle to help perform unilateral rows
    • Large footrest for lower body stability during heavy lifts
    • Angled seat and chest cushion for good body positioning
    • Modern robust aesthetics
    • Oversized tubing, 4 mm heavy duty steel
    • Loading capacity of 200 kg on each weight horn
    • Professional use
  • Dimensions
    Product (L x W x H) 143 x 149 x 129 cm
    Carton (L x W x H) 228 x 122 x 68 cm
    Net weight 166 kg
    Max. training capacity 600 kg
    Loading capacity storage pin 200 kg
    Max. user weight 180 kg
    Frame & welds Lifetime
    Pulleys, bushings, bearings, hardware, plates & guide rod 2 years
    Cables, upholstery & grips
    (normal wear)
    2 years

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